The way you begin to build a relationship with a reader is by creating great content, being generous with your time, and freely giving away a huge portion of your knowledge with a freebie.

Today’s readers are cautious and overloaded with information. You need to bribe them to open the door to their inboxes and then use that permission to quickly earn their time, attention and trust.

As a savvy business owner, you know how important it is to build and grow your email list. And you know one of the best ways to gain access into your reader’s inbox is by giving away something of value for free.

As a savvy business owner, you know how important it is to build and grow your email list. And you know one of the best ways to gain access into your reader's inbox is by giving away something of value for free.

If you’re fairly new to growing your email list, you might be a little stuck on how to create something of value that will grab a reader’s attention and have them handing over their email address.

Today I’m going to give you the key steps you need to take to set up your own freebie AND make it super irresistible.

In the past popular freebies have been workbooks or ebooks, but your freebie doesn’t have to follow this same scenario.

You could create:

  • a members only community
  • a library of resources
  • a discount on a first order (if you sell products online)
  • free images for a business to use
  • a challenge that helps someone achieve something


As long as the freebie is providing great value to your community, you will start to see a healthy increase in the number of subscribers.




To start with you want to create something your reader will respond to. These 4 questions will help you figure out what type of freebie you should create.

  1. What is the one question your readers ask over and over again?
  2. What is your most popular type of content or product?
  3. What is the main problem you help your readers with?
  4. What kind of content get the biggest response and engagement from your readers?


Every business will have different types of freebies for their audience. Etsy shoppers might like a discount code, while marketers might like an ebook and I’m a big fan of workbooks or checklists and pretty calendars or to do lists.

Using the above, brainstorm 3 types of freebies your readers would most like to get their hands on.


Now that you’ve 3 idea’s, let’s make sure that what you create follows these 4 rules:


A good piece of content identifies an existing problems and solves it fairly quickly. To help, go back through all your blog posts and identify the most popular posts. What have they helped someone with? Or go through your most popular products, can you give an element of it away?



A great piece of content gets someone to take action on the problem they are having. It needs to inspire and educate them and get them to start taking steps to grow their business. The best way to get someone to take action is to include a check sheet or workbook as part of your freebie. Or if you’re a product based business, it needs to get someone to take action and the most successful way to do this is have a deadline on your freebie.



We’re all busy business owners, so a great piece of content solves someone’s problem within 20mins or less. 20min is also the optimal time someone has to concentrate on something, before they need a break or get distracted. And if your content helps them solve their problem quickly, they are far more likely to open your next email.



Make sure when you create your freebie, that it can easily link into your paid products. This is the first step to getting someone to know you, you want the next one to take them a step closer to buying from you.




It’s all about the words you use. Your headline and copy need to convince someone in as few words as possible while making sure they know exactly what they’re getting.

The best way to make your offer irresistible is to promise a clear result and you do this by making the freebie as specific and actionable as you can.

‘How to run a 10km race’ is fairly generic, but ‘How to shave off 30 seconds from your average pace in 4 weeks’ is very specific and actionable.

Don’t think you’re limiting yourself by creating something quite specific. You’ll be targeting the exact the type of person you want to work with and it’ll be far easier for you to put together.


You don’t want a really big email list full of readers who you can’t ultimately sell to, you want an engaged audience that loves what you do and will happily pay for your products.


To ensure you really grab the reader’s attention, come up with 3 variations of your headline and either ask your audience which they would prefer to know more about or over a 3 week period test each headline out and see which has the best performance.


Giving away something for free will create a community, fans who tell everyone how amazing you are and set you up as the expert in your niche. All leading to business growth.

So get cracking on your freebie!


If you’d like some feedback on your freebie, share it with the Facebook Community or share it with us in the comments below.